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How To Buy The Right Hotel Blanket

No matter the weather, the season, or segment, your hotel needs blankets. They make travelers feel secure. They make them feel at home. So making the right blanket buying decision matters.

Depending on your tier, durability may matter more than breathability and softness when it comes to the blankets you put on your property’s beds. As the tier ascends to three- and four-star, durability comes into better balance with those other qualities.

Still, durability will always be a bottom line for the blankets you buy for your hotel because you want to make your blankets last. The good news is, blankets are lasting longer. They’re generally made of 100 percent acrylic or 100 percent polyester and they’re better than they used to be.

Technological processes at the mills have improved over the years, leading to upgrades in the blankets properties use today. Because guests want to feel more at home than ever when they’re on the road, hotel owners should make sure travelers enjoy their properties.

That’s why choosing a blanket is such a critical decision. You don’t want to spend too much or too little. You want to spend right.

Because blanket manufacturing has evolved over the years, blankets can be woven as tightly or loosely as your property demands.

Budget hotel owners should look for tightly woven, non-porous blankets that will last and at the same time remind guests of their homes. More luxurious limited-service properties might want to consider nicer, plusher blankets.

No matter your tier, however, don’t stint on the comfort. Blankets, like all the other aspects of a hotel room, should make the guest feel at home.

Still, properties with higher service and comfort levels will want blankets offering greater breathability and a softer nap. Budget-type hotels should go for blankets that stand up to repeated washings and shrug off stains.

Naturally, if you’re a franchisee, your brand will be the procurer, specifying or suggesting the blanket you have to buy. As an independent hotel owner, you have to determine what you need. You have to figure out what color, texture and level of blanket best fits your property.

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