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Green Isn’t Just a Blanket Color, It is a Pocket Line

Color matters more and more these days – especially when it’s green.

Everybody wants to be green, so you might want to consider blankets with ticking and fill that are 100 percent recycled polyester. These blankets are good for both you and your customer, all the way from the shipping to the spreading of the bed.

Because they’re machine-compressed when they’re boxed, all the air is taken out of the container, lowering shipping costs because they require smaller boxes and less fuel to transport – not to mention less postage.

Ecology is everybody’s business and in everybody’s best interest, so you won’t want to miss an opportunity to climb aboard the green bandwagon. Green blankets are a way to give your property extra “star” power.

But if “green” isn’t your key concern and you operate a two- or three-star property charging $30 to $40 a night, you might want to focus on the more durable, more tightly woven blankets. The tighter the weave, after all, the longer the blanket life.

The way a blanket is woven into a very tight finish is basically what makes it durable. It’s very nonporous, and it doesn’t let air go in and out because of its weave, and it will hold up better in the wash. All those are qualities to consider if road warriors heavily use your property.

If you can, experience the blanket you’re interested in. Get a sample, take it home and “test drive” it. If it doesn’t work for you, try another. Above all, don’t over buy or under buy. Figure out your budget. There’s a blanket out there that your property needs. It’s calling to you. The trick is making sure it’s the one your property is calling for.

Carol Moran is president of A-1 Textiles. Reach her at 1-800-940-5997, ext. 110 or carolm@a1textiles.com.

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