About A1 Textiles

A1 Textiles is currently celebrating its 35th anniversary as a full service supplier to the hospitality, athletic club and university industries.

Green Isn’t Just a Blanket Color, It is a Pocket Line

Color matters more and more these days – especially when it’s green.

Everybody wants to be green, so you might want to consider blankets with ticking and fill that are 100 percent recycled polyester. These blankets are good for both you and your customer, all the way from the shipping to the spreading […]

How To Buy The Right Hotel Blanket

No matter the weather, the season, or segment, your hotel needs blankets. They make travelers feel secure. They make them feel at home. So making the right blanket buying decision matters.

Depending on your tier, durability may matter more than breathability and softness when it comes to the blankets you put on your […]